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※ 空港からJR三保三隅駅までは タクシー・JRが無料です。空港内観光案内所でチケットをお受け取り下さい。

浜田⇔萩・石見空港 快適アクセス事業





By Bus
Travel by bus from Hiroshima to Hamada, and transfer to JR train to Miho-misumi. Total time taken is about 2.5 hours. A one way bus ticket costs about ¥3000, and a two way bus ticket costs ¥5200.


By Plane
ANA flight from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Hagi-Iwami Airport takes about 1.5 hour. One way tickets range from ¥10,000 – ¥40,000 depending on how early you purchase it. Transfer by taxi to Masuda train station and take a short train ride to Miho-misumi station. Train and taxi tickets are free for tourists. Please fill up the form here and exchange for the free tickets at Hagi-Iwami Airport.



By Train via Hiroshima
From Osaka, travel by Shinkansen to get to Hiroshima. Please refer to Hiroshima section for instructions on getting to Pasar from Hiroshima.
By Bus
The bus from Osaka to Misumi is operated by JR Bus Chugoku and will take about 7 hours. ¥6,400 for one way, and ¥11,000 for two way. Transfer to a 10 min bus ride from Misumi bus station to a bus stop 5 mins away from Pasar. The bus leaves every hour everyday.



By Train
Travel by Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Shinyamaguchi, and transfer to JR train from Shinyamaguchi to Miho-misumi.
By Train via Hiroshima
It is also possible to take the Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Hiroshima for about 1 hour, and transfer to bus to Hamada.
By Bus via Hiroshima
The bus from Fukuoka to Hiroshima takes about 4 hours. A one way ticket costs ¥4000 and a two way bus ticket costs ¥7000. Discounted one way ticket of ¥2000 is possible if purchased 1 week in advance. Transfer to bus to Hamada to reach Pasar.

More Information

 JR Timetable & Route Finder

Arrival station Miho-Misumi

from Station to Pasar Moon 20minuts by walk

 Japan Rail Pass

 JR Seasonal Discount Ticket


 Air around Aug 10

Osaka→Hagi-Iwami $101

Tokyo→Hagi-Iwami $104

Taxi is Free Airport to JR Masuda
JR is Free JR Masuda to JR Miho-Misumi…/wws_…/promotions/share/experience_jp/

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